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NEED Group

Network of Excellence in Energy Development Group


Shortage of energy besieges the world, Pakistan is no exception. In fact, in the present scenario, energy deliveries are falling well short of demand resulting in (power) load shedding, gas closures, reduced industrial output, water supply shortages, etc. This is happening despite the country having large energy resource of coal, hydroelectric, solar, wind, tidal etc. Most of these resources are not fully utilized to meet the present energy crises. For sustainable economic growth it has become imperative now to explore new and alternate method for energy production and develop protocol for energy conservation. In order to bring these issues under one umbrella, a research group, consisting of experts in related fields of specialization, has been formulated - and we are Network of Excellence in Energy Development Group at NED University (NEED).

Aims and Objectives

The main objective of NEED is to create a group of professionals who can assist in managing the country's energy crisis by promoting interdisciplinary potential assessment, research and development. NEED envisages to essentially cover multifaceted aspects related to energy. They could cover the planning and management aspects on a broader scale and taking up of specific projects of smaller size benefitting a larger populace. On the broader scale the areas includes the following:

  • To develop better understanding of future energy needs of the country and help decision makers to develop policies in setting targets for future energy production.
  • To develop a relational database that will include pertinent information about the present energy production units, demand and supply situation, etc.
  • To address sustainability and conservation of energy in maintenance and service life aspects of constructed facilities and equipment.
  • To interact with other similar groups in the world.
  • To develop innovative means and methods for future energy production.
  • To explore the use of renewable sources.

Recent Contributions & Publications

Following are some of the recent publications under Network of Excellence in Energy Development Group of NED University of Engineering & Technology.

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